Posture and Breathing Workshop

Event Details.

Event Date. PAST EVENT:
Sat 8th May, 2021
Event Location. THARPA CHOELING – Wellington Buddhist Centre
166 Arthur St, Wellington

We will use a range of simple Qigong practices to examine interactions of posture and breathing. All the science research points to harnessing the breath as critical to inner peace and body relaxation. Age old wisdom confirmed.

Walking, standing, moving and finally sitting postures with various combinations of breath work to get to a pleasant state of relaxation. All the forms will be simple to learn and portable so they can be practiced anytime anywhere with no equipment other than comfortable clothing. Outline. Tai chi walking. Standing like a tree. Swimming dragon plus two. Five treasures. Quiet sitting.

A handout email will be provided that provides links to free video YouTube resources to allow continued access to forms practiced.

Enjoy the welcoming community.

Bring a vegetarian plate to share for lunch.