Five Treasures Practice

Featuring gentle movements, deep breathing and imagination meditation techniques, the “Five Treasures Qigong” promotes the circulation of blood and Qi within the body. The practice is simple to learn, feels rejuvenating and renewing. Just a few minutes of the “Five Treasures Qigong” practice evokes states of internal stillness,  balance and a feeling of wellbeing.

It is important to take time before each of the sections to connect and to let the Qi settle from the previous section. This lets you enjoy the afterglow. Then connect to the breath and when ready to proceed build the imagery of the next section.

There is no rush, there is time to enjoy.

Settle and prepare.

Stand tall and then relax. Soften the feet and connect to the earth. Relaxed focus on the breath. Soften the hands and the shoulders.

Breathe Ocean Qi.

Stand overlooking the ocean or your favourite, beautiful beach and gently start breathing in waves of breath. Feel the waves of the breath filling you.

Gather Up Earth Qi.

Picture yourself surrounded by tall deeply rooted trees. Grounded. Draw the earth Qi up through your roots, your trunk and out through your crown canopy.

Draw in Starlight Qi.

Be outside under the beautify, bright milky way. Beyond that the swirling galaxy. Gather stardust into our core, your heart and your minds-eye. Then gather the swirling stardust that surrounds you.

Gather and share Heart Qi

We exist in a web of life where we are supported and in turn we support others. Your loved ones, your friends and acquaintances, and the many, many others that support our lives. Draw in that love and care into your heart and develop a sense of gratitude. Then reciprocate and share the love.

Draw Down Heavenly Qi

We exist between heaven and earth. Draw down heavenly qi, through your body and down into the earth.

Settle and then close.

Full Practice. (individual parts below)


Ocean Qi Breathing

Draw up the Earth Qi

Gathering Starlight Qi

Open Heart Qi

Drawdown Heavenly Qi


Nation Qigong Association (NQA) presents The Five Treasures