Lotus Qigong

There is a short story that is used to remember to sequence of ‘The Lotus’ and once learnt this practice often becomes your favourite.

The Lotus

  • Gently settle yourself, standing upright, knees off lock, face soft, shoulders soft and feet soft.
  • Breathing into a softening belly.
  • Picture yourself watching the sun rising over a warm green valley.
  • The soft light reveals a stream and you see a turtle swimming gently.
  • On the river bank a snow rabbit digs in the soft earth.
  • A maiden gathers water from the stream and waters her Lotus garden.
  • The water and the warmth of the sun warm the garden, the Lotus seeds grow and the Lotus open and bloom.
  • A gentle breeze blows across the valley, over the stream and garden.
  • You give thanks to the heavens and connect to the earth.
  • As you watch a crane, standing on a rock in the stream, stretches its wings in the sun.
  • On the river bank a snow rabbit digs in the soft earth.
  • Breathing slowly you watch the sun slowly sink behind the western mountains.
  • In the soft warm quiet evening you breathe gently.

Until I make a video, a close copy of the form i learnt is by Theresa Perry. Enjoy.

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